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Employee of the Month-
March 2023

carlos campos


Congratulations to Carlos for being an example to others on what leadership is all about. Carlos is a CDL and has also taken the lead on drilling. He has shown that he is a go-getter and will accept the challenges given to him with a sense of pride and determination. Thank you for all you do Carlos!

Employee of the Month-
February 2023

Margarito zuniga

Congratulations to Margarito, who has developed strong drilling skills and shows exemplary leadership characteristics on the field. Thank you for your hard work and dedication Margarito!


Employee of the Month-
January 2023

Juan barrera

Congratulations to our loyal and tenured drill rig operator- Juan Barrera! Thank you for your hard work and dedication, you are appreciated!


Employee of the Month-
December 2022

Emily Michelle Luna

Congratulations to our very own Michelle Luna! Thank you for driving that 18 wheeler and transporting our rigs like the pro that you are, you are very appreciated!

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